Monday, March 1, 2010

Did you know...?

Did you know that it takes blood donations(plasma spun from whole blood, and direct plasma donations) from over 300 people to make this 3 gram vial?

Intragam is essentially other peoples antibodies, Immunoglobulin,which are infused via IV into Immuno-deficient adults and children, to give their bodies a chance to mount a response to infection.

Intragam allows our little guy Zak a second chance at living a normal and healthy life as possible.

He is infused with 2 of these 3 gram vials every 4 weeks.

It has changed his life. It has changed our whole family's life.

As a mum, I want to thank everyone who donates blood...everyone who selflessly that my little man and many others can have another chance.

For me, that is an amazingly wonderful gift, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank you♥

Sunday, January 17, 2010

welcome 2010...

Yes, I know, Im a little slow on the uptake!

Can you believe it is nearly the end of january?

I don't do new years resolutions, but this year I would like to try and keep my blog updated a little more regularly...

Firstly, a little share of a LO completed for a weekly challenge at scrapchat...the challenge was to scrap something you lost...the journaling reads..."parts of 2009 saw me a little lost. It was a big year for us as a family, and the challenges we were forced to meet.For me personally,I was so caught up with the needs of everyone else,I lost the ability to appreciate the simple things in life...the simple pleasures..."

This one is the latest LO I have completed...and I've done it seems I can't scrap a LO without bling,thickers,rubons,flowers and butterflys....I desperately needed to update our family LO thats in a frame on the mantle above our fireplace, so this is it!
This is a really bad pic, sorry, I had already framed it when I took the pic! Oops!
A LO created for a friend...

And finally, Russ got himself a new tatt....on his chest above his heart...♥

I hope 2010 is treating you all well so far...I'm hoping it will be a good year for us☺
Thanks for reading xxx

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is nearly here...

Hello friends,

Well, Christmas is only 11 sleeps away!

Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm getting there! lol

I thought I'de pop by and share the chrissy cards I created, and the calendars for the relo's.

All cards have been sent now, so I'm pretty safe to think they have been recieved, and I can share them here...

Firstly, below, is just one the calendars, very simple,flowers,bling and butterflies!

Can you say "obsessed"?!?!? lol I can't seem to create anything without at least one!

This year I created 6, all very similar, for the grandparents and relo's.

I think they are an expected gift every christmas now☺ I really enjoy creating them, so it's a good thing!

I like the red,black and white...

Below, are the cards I have created for our friends, as you can see, similar design to the ones made especially for Miss K's school friends...the backs of them are exactly the same as the ones in my last post, a christmas tree made from 3 triangles of pp...
And yep, as you can see below, I made ALOT of

I hope everyone who received one, will hang it on their tree, or in their home,and know that we send them with love....
HaPpY ChRiSTmAs to you, and your family...♥

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a little christmas creating...

As promised, here are the first little chrissy cards I have made this year! They double as a tree deco too!

Here are the fronts of the ones I have made for Miss K's little school friends...chrissy trees made from triangle pp...I don't own any chrissy stamps, so had to come up with something! lol
A little bling, lots of kindy glitz,a stamp,a star, printed names,and they're done!

Here are the backs of them...

Using a recent pic of Miss K(my fav one!)

Once again, I don't have any chrissy themed stamps, so I had to make do with a few circles of pp,a few stars,a little doodling,and more kindy glitz!

They are supposed to look like hanging they???

Miss K added her own special touch to them by writing "from Kyiah".

Mr Z helped the whole process by eating half a bottle of kindy Glitz! Thanks Buddy!

All that needs to be done now is a little loop of ribbon, to hang them by!

I hope Kyiah's little friends like them!

What do you think???

Finally some family photo's...

WOW! It has just taken 45 minutes for Blogger to upload these 4 pics!!!

Lucky I wasn't in a hurry! lol

Anyway, FINALLY after 18 months, I have some pics of the 4 of us as a family! YAY!

I'm pretty happy with them, these are a couple of my fav's.

Mr Zak man...

I love this one of miss Kyiah...

This one cracks me up...Mr Zak being extra cheeky, and shoving his finger up Russ's nose!

AND finally...the 4 of us....this is the best one I have....not 100% happy with it, but hey, its better than not having one at all, right?

Will be back later today with another post of chrissy cards I've been making...
Thanks for looking, wishing you a wonderful day♥

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This feels like home to me...

Hello friends,

Just a quick post today to share with you a LO I created as a gift for a special friend of mine, of her daughter Zali....

This LO certainly feels like home to me...lots of flowers,butterflies, bling,rubons and thickers...aaahhhh, its nice to be home!

"If you look, you will see, a little magic in these eyes"
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!♥

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Scrapping Saturday!

A fun saturday layout!

Today, I had full intentions of giving my scrap table, shelves and drawers a good spring clean....but I ended up scrapping instead! lol

Also, wrapped a few little goodies for a certain little Miss K, who turns 6 tomorrow!
Yep, 6!!!!!! No party for her this year...which didn't go down so great! lol
She had a big party last year with a jumping castle and lots and lots of friends, so I think she was expecting the same this year! lol
We are also off to a wedding tomorrow arvo as well, just Miss K and I.
Russ has decided to stay home with Mr Z, as he has to work 11pm till 7am for the next month...
I hope you are all having a great weekend, and manage to squeeze in a little happy scrapping!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Im quite unhappy and disappointed with myself and this LO below...

It has taken me quite a while to even tackle scrapping this...

It has sat on my desk for the last 4 days, and I kept coming back to it is finished, I am not at all happy with it...I just want to tear it up and throw it away...but I won't.

It is the first ever LO I have attempted about Mr Z's was hard to do...maybe I am not ready yet...I don't know...I thought I could start the healing process...

Maybe I put too much pressure on myself for it to be "perfect" ...I don't know...

I wanted to focus on the journaling, because it is certainly the most important part...for me, as a scrapper and a mum...for Mr Z...

Maybe when I have a little more strength, I will re-do these photos, but for now, here it is..

"finally an answer" LO....

close up of the most important part...

Until next time...♥

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Embracing simple...

Hello again!

Yes, I have scrapped again!

You can get up off the floor now please!☺lol

Firstly, this LO "big haircut for a little girl" We had been battling nits for what felt like forever with Miss K, so we decided to get it chopped off! I was really hesitant at first, but as you can see from the pics, it really suits her don't you think???

In the after pics here, her hair is freshly cut, and full of product, so it is quite spikey, which she loves, but I like it a little more tame to be honest! lol
Sooooo much easier to care for now.......and the nits are GONE!!!!! Yay!

Oops,my pics are around the wrong way, sorry! The LO was supposed to be first.

This LO is completely inspired by Leanne Stamatellos....I have scraplifted from her LO after I saw her amazing creation of her boys abc' I have done the same for Miss K.
Hoping to do one each year, as she makes her way through school...

And lastly this LO....

Sorry my photography skills aren't the best today!
I hope to get back into my scrapping groove, I have missed it so very much!
I hope you all have a wonderful friday!♥

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally....I SCRAPPED!!!!!!

Yes read correctly....I have actually scrapped a LO!

It certainly has been a long time coming thats for sure!

And I tell you, it feels so very good to create once again.

Many times during my long scrap drought, I blog surfed to try and find some inspiration, and I stumbled accross many "simple scrappers", which I fell in love with.

I don't know exactly what it is about the simple style that I like so much,maybe it is the clean lines and focus on the photo, but it has me by the horns now thats for sure! lol

I really enjoyed creating this LO below, I hope you like it too!

Hopefully this is the end of my drought, and the beginning of something new and exciting...