Monday, March 1, 2010

Did you know...?

Did you know that it takes blood donations(plasma spun from whole blood, and direct plasma donations) from over 300 people to make this 3 gram vial?

Intragam is essentially other peoples antibodies, Immunoglobulin,which are infused via IV into Immuno-deficient adults and children, to give their bodies a chance to mount a response to infection.

Intragam allows our little guy Zak a second chance at living a normal and healthy life as possible.

He is infused with 2 of these 3 gram vials every 4 weeks.

It has changed his life. It has changed our whole family's life.

As a mum, I want to thank everyone who donates blood...everyone who selflessly that my little man and many others can have another chance.

For me, that is an amazingly wonderful gift, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank you♥


  1. I hope your little man is doing well babe.. We give blood and very proud to do so.. I havent been able to latley because I had bub but DF is constantly donating :)

  2. still can't get over that fact!
    Do you know how one goes about donating plasma di??
    When Im allowed to, (12 months from last tattoo rules)I plan to donate blood, and will have to ask a bout plasma donations too, if they can be made just like that??